The Healing Powers of Diamonds

Diamond is a precious stone of miraculous abilities and exceptional power. It is the king among gems and that is why the Greeks named the stone "adamas", which means indestructible and invincible. This beautiful stone is generally colorless and exhibits pale hues of pink, blue, yellow, brown and grey colors. Diamonds with brighter colors are unique and they invariably attract a large amount of admiration and invariably attract huge appreciation and acquire detailed and individual descriptions.

Discovering the Power of Diamonds

When a diamond is properly faceted, it sparkles with multi-colored rays of light. The famous Persian poet Hafiz mentioned that "the rainbow is confined in it forever". Diamonds have many healing powers as they strengthen and re-energize all the energy centers of the wearer. In the East, diamonds are used as heart tonifiers; to be used as one you have to place a diamond in the water for a night and it should be consumed the next day.

Since time immemorial people have had a belief that diamonds are miracle stones. It was a popular belief that people who carry diamonds wouldn't suffer from chronic stomach problems or any memory loss. Hindus in the ancient times strongly believed that the vibrations of a diamond render a very positive aura to many organs of the body and brain and heart in particular.

Other healing powers of diamonds also include protecting the owner from driving away bad dreams, fight depressions and preventing apoplexy. Green diamonds are particularly useful to mothers during their time of delivery; this type of diamond is also considered to be a symbol of motherhood.