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Go Big and Bold With Solitaires Diamond Ring Designs

All new-age wives and girlfriends now sport a diamond ring to mark their wedding or marriage. So much so that solitaires go hand in hand with any big announcement, be it a wedding, a promotion at work, or even the birth of a child. Solitaire diamonds have become the most popular and wanted stones in the lineup of all twenty-first-century jewellery trends. Also, let’s all accept that it is no longer a western tradition to give your fiancé a diamond ring to confirm one’s engagement. From celebrities to the common man, every woman sports a diamond ring as a mark of being taken, and this fad is here to say, it’s safe to say. So popular is its presence that men sure feel the intense pressure to pick that perfect ring that embodies his woman. You don’t want to go wrong here, do you? It can make or break the deal! At BlueStone, we offer our customers a wide range of solitaire diamond ring designs that sweep any woman off her feet. So buy solitaire diamond rings online from us for the best prices, designs, cuts, shapes and sizes.

Boy, do we have some surprises for you! We’ve got all the designs and styles you can imagine. From square cuts to round cuts and from standalone solitaires to cluster designs, our sparkling collection of solitaire diamond ring designs has everything you are looking for. For easy browsing, we have categoried them into two wide-ranging collections you can choose from – solitaire diamond rings set in 18kt gold and those set in 18kt white gold. Let’s look at both categories closely:

Yellow for the Mellow: Buy Solitaire Diamond Ring Designs in Gold

In the 18kt gold category, we have single solitaire stones as standalone pieces as well as cluster designs where a single solitaire is accompanied by several smaller diamonds. In the former, the Lilibet Ring or the Vivan Ring is a great choice. The Circular Grace Ring is a fine example of the classic cluster design. It features a round solitaire as the central stone, which is surrounded by a cluster of small diamonds. The central stone, together with these surrounding diamonds, give the ring a mega sparkle you cannot resist.

The Maidie Ring, the Linden Ring, the Jiselle Ring, and the Jenelle Ring are other multi-stone designs you can choose from our collection. These are statement rings designed to be bold and beautiful. In the presence of the smaller diamonds, the solitaire sits poised and poignant. These heavy duty solitaire diamond rings make excellent engagement ring choices. But before we close off this section, the real stunner here is the Jinni Ring. Featuring 28 smaller diamonds and a single solitaire diamond in the centre, this ring is a special one. As you can clearly see, the solitaire diamond rings price varies from one piece to another; there are pieces that are priced below INR 50,000 and ones that will cost you a few lakhs. The cut, clarity, and colour of the solitaire and the caratage of both solitaire and gold are the major factors that influence solitaire diamond rings prices.

Stylishly Modern in White Gold: Buy Solitaire Diamonds Rings Online

Our solitaire diamond rings are available in 18kt white gold too. For a classic look, you can go for the Honorary Ring or the Sparkling Beauty Ring, both featuring a preset solitaire set amidst a line of smaller diamonds. The Charming Ring, the Sublime Ring, and the Subtlely Charming Ring are also fine picks if you are looking for an exquisite stunner in white gold. Any of these designs make perfect choices as engagement rings, wedding rings or anniversary gifts for your loved one.

The diamond solitaire rings in our white gold collection are multi-stone stunners and use no less than 20 diamonds in addition to the stunning solitaire. Hot favourites in this range include the Lovely Ring, the Delightful Ring, and the Marcy Ring. If you are tired of seeing the same old classic round design, how about the Wonderful Beauty Ring? Square off your wedding and the rest of your lifetime with the girl of your dreams with this eye-catching square design that uses a single round cut solitaire and 16 intricately laid out diamond stones.

Why Buy Solitaire Diamond Rings Online from BlueStone?

All of the above-mentioned solitaire diamond rings can be viewed and bought online on our website. When you are spending your hard-earned money on a solitaire ring, you would certainly want to see how it looks on your finger before you make the purchase. Worry not! It is now possible with our home try-on option. Book an appointment for home trial and our consultants will come to your door. Try before you buy at no additional charges. What’s more? If you fell in love with a solitaire diamond ring in our collection and it slightly above your budget, you can customise the design and make it fit your wallet as easily as it does your finger. Likewise, you can also choose to increase the colour, clarity, and carat of the solitaires to make them look more exquisite. We also offer a 30-day money back policy on all of our designs and a lifetime of exchange and buyback policy. With all of these irresistible choices, can you resist buying solitaire diamond ring designs from us today? We didn’t think so!

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