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Encased Collection: Bask in the Radiance of Gold and Pearls

What do you love about jewellery? Yes, it makes you look great. And of course, it forms an integral part of your style. What if it could be more? At BlueStone, we believe that jewellery is just like poetry. It can add a magical glow to your persona. It is a mirror of your soul. Our Encased Collection – a fine assortment of earrings - is a proof of this. Made with the best pearls, diamonds and yellow gold, each piece in this collection you stand out. Such beautiful jewellery is comparable only to well-written poetry.

Give Your Face a Fresh Look with a Pair of Earrings

You are the modern diva. You love to choose your jewellery with care and a lot of thought. And why not! After all, few things can match your elegance. You have a busy routine. Making time for dressing up isn’t easy. Only one piece of jewellery helps you get ready; only one piece of jewellery can instantly lift your looks from ordinary to extraordinary. A pair of earrings! Donning one gives you a fresh look and saves all the time you otherwise would have spent on dressing up.

We know how much you love earrings. That’s why we have come up with this trendy Encased Collection online for you. It is a selection of graceful danglers, each crafted to absolute perfection. You can wear them for a special evening of romance. They can also be your plus-one to fashionable events. With such beauties in stock, dressing stylishly is not a problem at all. You can pair them with any dress you like.

Are you worried about the price tag that comes with these exquisite pieces of jewellery? Well, you need not. The Encased Collection price is very reasonable and as attractive as our designs. You can buy one without breaking the bank! So, why wait any more? Make one yours now. Here is an overview of the collection to help you make the right choice/

What Makes the Encased Collection Outstanding?

Ever wondered how and why pearls look so perfect? Born under water, they come in many colours and shapes, but it is the round pearls that steal our hearts. Pearls are the most gorgeous gifts of nature. And unsurprisingly, they are highly in demand. At the present time, pearls are among the top fashion trends favoured by women across the globe.

The Encased Collection designs pay tribute to the beauty of pearls. Each piece of jewellery in this collection skillfully combines the freshness and soft shimmer of these aquatic beauties with the glitter of 18kt gold. The specialty of these designs is that one or more pearls are encased in a frame or a case. And that’s where the collection gets its name from. They are the highlight of each dangler. Some of the pearls can freely move inside the case while others dangle from chains. The 2.5D or 3D cases add an edge to these danglers.

An Embodiment of Chicness and Elegance

The designs of this collection are chic and elegant. They are a fusion of the traditional and the modern. They reflect the urban taste of modern women. Some of the designs have been inspired by symmetric patterns while others are styled after asymmetric meshes. One of the cases even features a design that resembles a creative recreation of falling rain. Unique innovation has given the heritage of pearls, gold, and diamonds a brand new look.

The Encased Collection brings out every trendy aspect of pearls and complements the persona of modern glamourous divas. This range of danglers includes pearls of different colours, from white to black. Each has a shiny lustre to give your look a touch of radiance. Fashion fads fade easily. But pearls are not just fashionable, they are truly timeless. And, so are our best Encased Collection designs.

Want an example? Have a look at the Enclose Drop Earrings featuring beautiful white pearls encased in an intricate golden outline. The elaborate design and the glitter of yellow gold make the pearls stand out even more. Four tiny diamonds gleam from the four inner-corners, adding to its charm. A mélange of tradition and modernity, a pair of earrings like this will suit your eclectic tastes in jewellery.

What Makes the Encased Collection Ideal for You?

You have an elite taste in fashion and accessories. Everything about you is spectacular. You don’t mind being the centre of attention at parties. When you enter heads naturally turn in your direction. You are fond everything that is a classic. For someone so elegant, only an equally enchanting piece of jewellery will do. That’s where our Encased Collection comes in. It gives your regular style a refreshing makeover. Plus, you can enjoy pearls and diamonds in a style never seen before. They might remind you of the rich tapestry on the walls of palaces. Or, the ornate frames of royal portraits. Yet, they are much lighter, with an eye-catching urban edge.

The Encased Collection celebrates your love for the pearls and diamonds in the most creative way possible. These danglers are crafted to make you feel special. For example, you can buy Encased Collection designs like the Sheathe Drop Earrings featuring two golden pearls encased in an oversized case, designed like the asymmetric mesh. Glittery diamonds shine from its gold mesh. Such a lovely dangler can easily steal the limelight at any show!

What’s more? This collection has some of the best drops and long drops created by our designers. You can choose a pair that best suits your preferences and the shape of your face.

Bewitching Encased Drops

A designer anarkali or a tailored suit, drop earrings pair well with every kind of ornament. Of course, not just any drop earrings. It has to be a pair from our Encased Collection. Take, for instance, the Encompass Drop Earrings. These fish-hook drops have pearls dangling from a short chain within a golden case. The geometric shape and pattern of this case are highlighted with sparkling diamonds. The classic beauty of while pearls together with the seamless glitter of yellow gold lend this pair a unique appeal few other ornaments can match. There is also the Enwrap Drop Earrings. In this design, the pearl is not placed inside a case. Instead, it is circled by a symmetric gold mesh. Diamonds at the inner edge make it more astounding to look at.

Have you ever looked at raindrops falling from the sky and the beautiful pattern they make? You will find such an awe-inspiring pattern come alive in our Envelop Drop Earrings. That’s not all. The key attraction of this stunning piece is a pair of black pearls – unique, charming, and extraordinary. Designed like the straight streams of rain, these earrings will be a conversation starter whenever you wear it and wherever you wear it to. You can now buy Encased Collection online to enrich your personal collection of earrings with such masterpieces.

Enigmatic Long Drops to Make You Feel Dressy

Our Encased Collection earrings are for women who want to feel dressy without having to go overboard with jewellery. Our long drop earrings, with their unparalleled panache, do just that. If you want to stand out from the crowd, give the Cocoon Drop Earrings a try. True to its name, this pair is designed like a golden cocoon which hangs from a long chain. A white and shiny pearl sits inside this cocoon just like the larva that is waiting to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly. A truly magnificent piece, we say!

Our new designs in Encase Collection also include the Enfold Drop Earrings. This pair of long drops combines the beauty of diamonds, pearls, and gold together in a captivating manner. The pearl here is slightly visible from under its dome-like shape. The bunch of hanging gold chains gives it a flamboyant flair.

With BlueStone at your service, you need not ponder how to buy Encased Collection. We have a host of facilities to make purchasing jewellery easier from the comfort of home. So, get your favourite designs today and give your jewellery collection a new breath of life.

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