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No Better Statement than with Cocktail Earrings

As any adult with the urban milieu knows, wearing jewellery to a formal dinner or a party is as important as the quality of the meal itself. You want to leave your unique stamp, and there is no better way of letting your host know that you have taken the time and effort by accessorising right. Your answer: Cocktail earrings. They have been an essential part of women’s grooming process for decades now. Be it in classics like Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby or to Kareena Kapoor’s choice of emerald cocktail earring designs at the recent Bollywood Diwali party, women have been fashion-forward women have been wearing cocktail earrings for the bold statement!

So it is no wonder that this line of earrings demands a certain degree of weightage – they have to be trendy yet traditional, sparkle yet understated, and glamourous yet does not overshadow your attire.

And speaking of trendy and next gen, shopping for cocktail earrings is no longer limited to your favourite jeweller in your hometown. You can buy cocktail earrings online too. BlueStone gives you plenty of styles, designs and the best cocktail earrings price too! Within the comforts of your room, BlueStone lets you browse, flip between choices and buy cocktail earring designs.

So, why not a little background on cocktail earrings before you make your purchase?

Cocktail earring designs: Geometry is everything!

When it comes to statement jewellery, geometry is everything. Dimensions, size, cut, clarity, stone all come in sync to form the perfect pair of cocktail earrings. Cocktail earrings have historically been designed as dangles, in order to emphasise one’s femininity. So decades ago, or even eras ago, fashion trends were ruled by delicate darling dangles that highlighted our cheekbones or squared off our jawline. The length of the dangle was important too. Cocktail earrings were meant to add oomph to one’s outfit, not overshadow. So while these pieces were carefully created, they were severely understated as well.

But as with most fashion trends, over time, this range of muted earrings were given a bigger, louder role to play in our social life. What traditionally used to be only an exclusive space for diamonds and white gold now has other semi-precious stones become essential ingredients too. As women began to experiment with daring colours and palettes for their outfits, cocktail earrings were given a new avatar as well. Stones like emerald (for that hint of green), or sapphire (for that shout of blue), pearls for the soft pink, were chosen to create some exquisite designs and there was a never-seen-before hunger for it too!

Cocktail earring designs: Let’s talk trends

If you’re a woman who lives the fast life, working and partying in tandem, then cocktail earrings are a must have. And you probably do already. But here’s something you may not have known about them. Jewellery designers for many decades have recognised the prominence of this elite range and have taken extra care in the design and creation as demand for better and more sophisticated products became the need of the hour. So innovations have been a norm for this line of jewellery design. By mixing up pearls and diamonds, or semi-precious stones with white gold are common. What they offer is flexibility. Let’s take the case of BlueStone’s Chimayo Earrings: set with iolite and emerald, one can detach the dangle from the studs and wear the two as separate pieces – a stud by day, a dangle by night! Or the Kyra Hoop Earrings. It’s almost the end of 2016, and there couldn’t be a more fashion forward design for cocktail earrings. BlueStone’s team of designers offers its customers a trendy yet stylish pair of earrings. These gorgeous hoops earrings set in intricate, small cut diamonds set in 18kt gold are sophistication and new-age at its best. Now, who can resist throwing these on at every given chance?

So grab your favourite cocktail earring designs today. Visit the BlueStone website and pick your best from what is on offer and competitive prices. Be prepared to make some tough choices as these are some of the best cocktail earring designs you can find. Evoke the glamour of a bygone era with inspiring cocktail earring designs!

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