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Gold Cocktail Earrings

Cheers and Merry-Making: Gold Cocktail Earrings

Today is a new day. It’s another reason to celebrate. Let’s raise a toast to the soon to be wed couple, to our friends who are celebrating a year of togetherness or to anyone who has a reason to cheer. Here’s presenting a range of designs that are more than perfect for any special celebration with cocktails. Many of you buy gold cocktail earring designs for the special evening, and why not? Selecting the right piece of jewellery is as important as selecting the best outfit to wear for a cocktail get together. Basking in the grandeur and glamour of the cocktail party, are some of the most remarkable gold cocktail earring designs available in the markets today. These are studded with diamonds, gemstones, and pearls set in the gorgeous patterns to steal the limelight. Whether you are looking for hoop earrings, special drop patterns or simple sparkly studs, you have a range of options to choose from.

The Sparkling Studs: Buy Gold Cocktail Earring Designs

Studs are the tiniest, simplest forms of celebration through artsy pieces of jewellery. Some of the most festive and stylish designs that easily qualify as gold cocktail earring designs are seen in the stud range of BlueStone’s collection. The mighty diamonds clustered together to form the most attention seeking studs can be seen in the floral patterns of the Galliano Earrings, the Schnapps Earrings, the Delilah Earrings, the Caribou Earrings and the Campari Earrings. Those forming circular beds of concentric diamonds include the Mojito Earrings, the Mombasa Earrings, the Ramos Earrings and the Chambord Earrings.

Let’s bring some element of colours in the picture. It’s easy to order. All that you have to do is try the best few of your choice and buy gold cocktail earrings online. A cocktail party is full of cheers and merriment that colours form an important part of the happy concoction. If you love the hues of blues, you must try the value topaz pieces of the Kurant Earrings and the Quentao Earrings. If purple, mauve or violet is what gets you, then pick from the iolite charm of the Chimyo Earrings or the pink tourmaline base of the Mauresque Earrings. The Savoy Affair Earrings and the Flirtini Earring are the perfect members of the family of reds. Ever seen a party where a woman doesn’t sport a green stone? We don’t think so. To turn the party troopers green with envy, we have a range of green tourmaline earrings, namely the Farnell Earrings and the Matador Earrings.

The Lengthy Lot: Buy Gold Cocktail Earrings Online

Cocktail parties and gatherings are the ones that most women start preparing for, well in advance. They seem to have it all sorted, right from the make-up and hair to the gown and minaudière. Shimmering in beautiful cuts and lovely studs embellished with stones are some of the best pieces dangling till your chin or shoulders. These statement earrings are here to stay. Needless to say, they are sure to rock the party with their glamorous avatar. Take a look at the drop earring from the collection. There are many designs set in floral and leafy patterns like the Bliss Drop Earrings and the Rhapsody Drop Earrings. As you can see, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the cocktail designs as you dance your way into three cheers!

Diamonds studded all along the length of the earrings look the best in hoops. Check out the hoop earrings from our collection and choose the ones such as the single studded rim of the Ashli Hoop Earrings, the Angeline Hoop Earrings and the Kyra Hoop Earrings and the triple-rimmed beauties of the Caylie Hoop Earrings. Some of the other danglers incorporating intricate designs are the exclusive pieces of the Roksana Jhumka and the Carmella Earrings. Compare the gold cocktail earrings price across categories and choose the best of the patterns and designs from our stunning range.

Make your cocktail events a memorable one with our dazzle gold cocktail earrings designs. We offer home try-on facility which lets you wear the pieces you like from the comfort of your home without any obligation to purchase. We say try on every piece and buy only the ones you like.

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