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Keep Your Energy Balanced with Throat Chakra Jewellery Designs

If you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh stories, you couldn’t have missed noticing that Pooh’s best friend, Piglet, is scared of everything. He also tends to stutter when he is scared. Are you aware that Piglet can be easily classified as a classic case of an out-of-balance throat chakra? Surprised, aren’t you? Yes, an imbalance in throat chakra can impact you at various levels, including physical, emotional, and psychological. But you needn’t worry, as there are quite a few ways to cleanse and align your throat chakra and keep the energy flowing through it. One easy way to do so is by wearing throat chakra jewellery designs.

Throat Chakra: The Fifth Energy Vortex

Out of the seven primary energy vortexes or chakras in our body, the throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha, is recognised as the fifth one. Since it is located in the throat region, it is commonly referred to as the throat chakra. This chakra is the communication centre of our body. It governs our communication skills and the ability to express our thoughts, ideas, emotions, and beliefs. A balanced throat chakra enables us to express ourselves clearly and honestly under all circumstances while a blocked throat chakra can lead to lying, stammering, or feeling at a loss for words. When this chakra is underactive, it can lead to having feelings of introversion, timidity, and insecurity. An overactive throat chakra can make a person verbally aggressive, judgemental and domineering and contribute to his/her lack the ability to listen to others. In order to maintain throat chakra harmony, you need to keep the fifth chakra balanced and open.

Invigourate Your Fifth Chakra with BlueStone’s Throat Chakra Jewellery Designs

To help you keep your throat chakra balanced, BlueStone presents the throat chakra ornaments from our Sacred Elements Collection. It is a special collection designed to enable you to clear your throat chakra and lead a healthier and happier life. Our throat chakra ornaments are not just about maintaining the unhindered flow of energy through this chakra, but also about being fashionable at the same time. In other words, with BlueStone’s throat chakra jewellery designs you get to kill two birds with one stone: balance your throat chakra even as you flaunt your distinctive style statement. 

At BlueStone, you get to choose throat chakra jewellery designs for women from varied items like pendants, rings, and earrings in 18kt gold. As blue is the colour of this chakra, each one of our throat chakra jewellery items has a blue stone in it. Take, for instance, our Throat Chakra Pendant. This chakra pendant has a round cut aquamarine stone enclosed in a floral design. Its fusion style makes it perfect to be worn as workwear jewellery or as an everyday ornament.

Whether you are looking for great designs or flawless craftsmanship, this collection has the best answers for your requirements. Consider our Throat Chakra Earrings as an example. Elegant and trendy, this pair of aquamarine earrings is designed to pamper the stylish persona of the modern confident women. You can wear it every day or flaunt it during your weekend outings and get-togethers. At BlueStone, our throat chakra jewellery collection ticks all the boxes related to quality, creativity, and style.

Buy Throat Chakra Jewellery Online from BlueStone

Trust us when we say that there is more than one reason for you to buy throat chakra jewellery designs from us. As a leading online jeweller, we bring to you exceptional jewellery pieces that can be great for your own use or for gifting someone special. A case in point is our Throat Chakra Ring for women. With a round cut aquamarine stone residing at the centre of a floral pattern, this gorgeous chakra ring can capture the heart of any woman. You can celebrate the fashionista in you by wearing it as part of your festive jewellery or party jewellery.

With various advantages like lifetime exchange and buyback policy, 30-days money back policy, and highly competitive throat chakra jewellery prices, BlueStone simply offers you the best deal. All you need to do is to explore our range and pick the pieces the suit your needs and budget. If you are not sure how these designs look on you before you make the purchase, opt for our home try-on option and we bring them for you to try from the comfort of your home. So get ready for the most delightful shopping experience with us.

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