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Solitaire Earrings

Indian weddings are all about clothes, decorations, celebrations and jewellery. Both the bridegroom and bride’s families take this opportunity to shower their love and affection in the form of jewellery. Among many other accessories, earring is a significant one. It is believed that apart from bangles, earrings are the first piece of jewellery that is visible to the other person. Not only does it add value to one’s face, it also enhances one’s overall appearance.

Enriching the elegance

The solitaire earring has a single diamond or a gemstone. The innumerable cuts and carat counts on the earring, makes them versatile in nature, and can be worn with absolutely anything. Right from getting the traditional look to the corporate look, solitaire earrings just blend with any attire.

Though solitaires are not as old as diamonds, its origin is little known. It gets its name probably from the uniqueness of diamond which does not need any kind of supportive stones. If one looks at it, it also gives a kind of supremacy over others. Solitaire earrings are often mistaken to be available only with diamonds. However, there are some many solitaire earring designs like studs, chandeliers, prong, pave setting, and so on. If you make the most of these earrings, then we have few tips for the pairings!

Chandelier Earrings

Glamorous! If this is the word that describes you, then chandeliers are perfect for you! The endless layer of diamonds that are hanging below your ear level, with a studs earring or drop earring on the top, defines glamorous like none other. If you have long hair and are in a mood to let your down hair, then this pair is what you need. Also, these earrings will complement your little black dress.

Studs Earrings

Studs, for sure, are a classic case of fashion understatement. Studs usually have a piece of jewel, diamond or stones, with a stalk attached to it. The same is held to the ear with a screw or clutch at the back. Whether you want the perfect corporate look or desire to chill out, studs perfectly complement your mood. You can just team them up with a pair of jeans and t-shirt or with your office suit. With studs, you can never go fashionably wrong!

Pave Setting

The earring design that shows off your stones and metal, are the pave settings! It contains a cluster of stones or diamonds on a flat solitaire surface. The cuts on the diamonds or stones, placed one beside the other, enhances your overall appearance. A little trivia for all of you! Did you know that when the diamonds are placed side-by-side, it gives an appearance that it is paved with stones. That’s how these earring designs got their name. You can neatly pin up your hair in a bun or a updo, and wear the pave settings, and you are ready to rock the party!

Bluestone solitaires for you

When it comes to online jewellery shopping, one of the most trusted brand is BlueStone. With an exclusive variety of styles to choose from and uncompromised quality, you can buy solitaire earrings online without an iota of doubt! BlueStone brings exclusive solitaires to your doorstep. With a wide range of solitaire earring price, you are sure to get your desired earring piece that fits your budget. It is a herculean task most of the time to choose a diamond as 4cs of quality needs to be followed. But the name BlueStone surely has taken care of these and so we just pick the best of the designs. The Solitaire rings come embedded both in gold as well as silver metal. It is more encouraging to buy these as the names given to them will instantly turn you towards them.

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