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    Shiv Jewellery

    Shiv Jewellery Designs for the Devotees of Lord Shiva

    If we were to judge Hindu gods and goddesses based on their jewellery, Lord Shiva will give us a tough time with his unconventional yet highly fascinating ornaments and accessories. He decorates his matted hair with the waning moon instead of a crown, wears a serpent around his neck, smears his body with vibhooti or the sacred ash, clads himself in tiger skin, and wears rudraksha beads on his head and hands. The uniqueness and oddness of his ornaments and their significance make Lord Shiva an interesting figure, without any doubt.

    If devotees are ever asked to adorn themselves with the jewellery worn by their favourite deity, the followers of Shiva would be in real trouble. No one can begin to imagine the moon or a river on their head, let alone having a real serpent hissing on their neck! Thankfully, the admirers of Shiva need not follow his unconventional jewellery tastes but can display their faith with a wide range of aesthetically pleasing ornaments. BlueStone’s religious jewellery collections are known for their symbolism as well as fashion quotient and the same goes true for our Shiv jewellery designs too. Uniquely crafted for the worshippers of Kailashnath, each and every piece in our collection abounds in beauty and variety.

    Buy Shiv Jewellery Designs from BlueStone

    Fancy displaying your faith in style? You are at the right place! The designers at BlueStone have handcrafted mesmerising pieces of jewellery for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Our collection contains outstandingly designed pendants, bracelets, and rings in 18kt and 22kt gold. Many of our Shiv jewellery designs come studded with sparkling diamonds and colourful gemstones. What’s more, we give exciting offers and special deals on selected pieces and offer you the home try-on option and easy returning policies to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one. Displaying your faith in the form of jewellery has never been this delightful, hasn’t it?

    Damaru Designs for the Worshippers of the Cosmic Dancer

    Lord Shiva, the cosmic dancer, is a great musician too. Damaru, which is often depicted as tied to his trishool, is the instrument of Lord Shiva. This two-headed drum represents the cosmic sound or pranavam to which Shiva performs his great thandavam. Religious symbolism apart, the damaru is an aesthetically pleasing symbol and its shape is quite conducive to making ornaments, especially pendants.

    The Damaru Pendant made of 18kt gold is a stunningly crafted piece for women. The two heads of the damaru are designed in intricate lattice work and the unbroken circle of diamonds at the centre adds to the beauty of this pendant. The Bholenath Pendant is for men who fancy adorning their necks with a tiny, glittery damaru. Made of 18kt gold, the piece features gorgeous lattice work similar to the Damaru Pendant and the diamonds studded on both sides of the drum and at its centre give the pendant a truly divine charm. Any devotee of Shiva would love to have these stylish pendants in their collection.

    The Beauty and Elegance of Trishool Designs

    Of the many symbols associated with Lord Shiva, the trishool or the trident is the most recognised one as he is often portrayed as holding it in his hand. The trishool represents the three gunas or the three fundamental dimensions of life. For those who want to celebrate their faith in Shiva through this ubiquitous symbol, BlueStone offers a mesmerising range of trishool designs in the form of pendants and rings.

    The Shiva Pendant made of 22kt gold and the Mahadeva Pendant made of 18kt gold are two fast-moving pieces in our Shiv jewellery collection. Simple and elegant, these unisex pieces are crafted in the shape of the trishool along with the damaru tied to it. The rhodium plating on the gold body gives these pieces a contemporary look and you might want to buy and flaunt them even if you are not a devotee of Shiva.

    The Bairavi Pendant, which features a sparkling diamond and a vivacious ruby on an 18kt gold body, is another popular pick of our customers. The Rajaswi Thrishool Ring for Men and the Mighty Immortal Pendant are excellent pieces of crafted to the utter delight of Shiva devotees.

    Fabulous Shivalinga Designs for the Devotees of Mahadeva

    Do you know that traditionally, Shiva is worshipped in the form of shivalinga, the aniconic form that symbolises energy? If you are searching for an artfully crafted piece of shivalinga jewellery, then search no more. BlueStone offers you the Gangadhara Pendant and the Pushkara Pendant, both of which are made of 18kt gold. They come studded with sparkling diamonds which add to the beauty of these designs. For those who prefer something other than damaru, trishool, or shivalinga, we have the Mahadeva Bracelet with the words Om Namah Shivaya written on it.

    Our Shiv jewellery collection is so full of beauty and grace that it will fill you with wonder and joy that cannot be fathomed. And so will our shiv jewellery prices!

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