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    Shiv Pendants

    Shiv Pendant Designs: Neckpieces that you will Love to Flaunt

    Wearing jewellery in ancient times was not just a fashion statement or just an adornment. Wearing jewellery to symbolise one’s devoted faith was considered auspicious too. This is a traditional form of jewellery design and has been in existence well before the Mughal rule too. If gemstones are considered to have mighty healing powers when worn to ward off evil, then the wearing of the navaratna, rudraksha or even Tulsi seeds and sandalwood beads carry their own religious advantages.

    The influences of South India, Bengal, Orissa, and parts of central India are evident in Hindu jewellery art, making it one of the most long lasting vintage fashion inspirations. It is commonplace for a woman or a man to wear his/her faith in the form of jewellery, and if that is the case, why not add some style and elegance to the whole deal?

    Enter BlueStone with our finest Shiv Pendant collection for men and women. Our designers have used pure gold, sparkling diamonds, and shiny rubies to complete this collection. On auspicious occasions such as Akshaya Tritiya, look no further and buy Shiv pendant designs that are crafted to perfection. There are enough options for men and women too!

    Shiv Pendant Designs for Everyone

    At BlueStone, we have an alluring range of Shiv pendant designs for both men and women. Inspired by the Lord’s passion for dance and music, our designers have crafted stunning neck pieces that are going to be a value addition to your collection. Some of the pieces are studded with rubies, while some others come with diamond embellishments. Our Shiv pendants prices are reasonable and are as attractive as the designs. Take a look at our collection and buy the one that wins your heart.

    Shiv Pendant Designs for Men and Woman

    For men, we recommend you check out the Bholenath Pendant, with its drum pendant made out of pure 18kt gold and diamonds. You could also the Pushkara Pendant, complete with a lingam made out of 18kt gold and diamond stones. The Mahadeva Pendant is a classic Shiv pendant design too.

    To add a feminine touch to your personalised jewellery collection, check out the Bhairava Pendant. The fine touch of ruby to this piece of art makes it unique and feminine. The Damaru Pendant is intricately designed using 18kt gold and diamonds. Both of these designs are great choices for women. Pair these designs with your silk saree in earthy tones to complete the look.

    Transcend the Gender Tag with Our Shiv Pendant Designs

    In this collection, there are two Shiv pendant designs that can be worn by men and women which include the Gangadhara Pendant and the Shiva Pendant. Both are gender neutral and can be worn on special occasions to signify a religious day or practice. The Gangadhara Pendant is an exquisitely designed piece using 18kt gold and diamonds to create the lingam nestled within the petals of a flower.

    So what are you waiting for? Take a closer look at our alluring range and buy Shiv pendants online. Take your pick, choose our home try-on option and wear it before you make a purchase. Worry not; you need not buy a piece if you do not like it. We say, try them all, but buy only the ones that win your heart.

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