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    Hearts Nose Pins

    Heart Nose Pin Designs: Let You Face Light Up With the Sparkle of Love

    Ever heard the saying ‘small is beautiful’? Well, you may agree or disagree to this, but you cannot deny the fact that this saying holds true for a particular type of jewellery. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about a tiny trinket, perhaps the tiniest of all trinkets – nose ornaments. Whether you wear a traditional nose ring, pin or screw, the charm of this nose adornment is beyond words. Nose rings are one of the trendiest pieces of jewellery a woman can sport today but in India, nose rings were worn long before they became fashionable as part of religious and cultural practices.

    Today, there is no end to the styles and trends in nose ornaments. Though septum rings popularised by celebrities like Lady Gaga are creating ripples in the industry, many a woman still choose traditional nose screws and pins. From plain gold pieces to diamond-studded multistone stunners, traditional designs to contemporary patterns accented with colourful gemstone, your options are plenty. However, if you prefer wearing something special – something that speaks of love – buy heart nose pin designs. And we at BlueStone bring to you a trendy and romantic collection of heart nose pins.

    What is a Nose Pin?

    First things first! So, what exactly is a nose pin and how is it different from a nose screw or nose ring? There are many different types of jewellery that a woman can wear on her nose. Of these, the nose pin is the most popular. This can be described as a long, twisted pin that is pointed at one end and has a decorated head at the other. The pin is worn in such a way that the pin head is against the nose and held in place by the twisted wire inside the nostril. Other popular types of jewellery for the nose include nose screws and nose rings. The head of a nose pin or screw can be ornamented with plain gold designs or precious and semi-precious stones arranged in heart-shaped or floral motifs. Likewise, nose rings also come in plain gold and stone-studded varieties.

    Why do Women Wear a Nose Pin?

    Woman’s nose is her most prominent feature and thus, wearing a nose pin accentuates the beauty of her face. Nose ornaments are also considered as a tribute to Goddess Parvati. In ancient times, along with mangalsutras, nose screws and rings were regarded as the mark of a married woman. Though the symbolism may not hold true today, many men choose to buy hearts nose pin designs as gifts for their spouses. According to Ayurveda, piercing the left nostril also has health benefits for a woman. This piercing is said to ease the pain during childbirth as the nerves form the left nostril are connected to the female reproductive system. Today, young and office going women wear nose ornaments as a stunning fashion statement irrespective of religion and culture. If you are looking for a design that blends class with contemporary appeal, buy heart nose pins online from BlueStone.

    Hearts Nose Pin Designs: A Tribute to Love

    The shape of a heart is a popular motif for all types of jewellery. The shape symbolises love, especially romantic love. It goes without saying that heart-shaped jewellery is the perfect gift for any occasion from a birthday to a Valentine’s Day. That’s why our designers have come up with a collection of eye-catchy designs. When it comes to heart-shaped nose pins, the head could feature a heart-shaped gemstone or a cluster of gemstones in the shape of a heart. The outline of a heart or its silhouette is other popular designs for heart-shaped nose pins. Heart nose pins are ideal for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. The difference lies mainly in the size and number of diamonds and other gemstones that decorate the nose pin.

    How to Choose the Perfect Nose Pin?

    A nose pin may be small in size but can make a big statement. Thus, when you buy a nose pin think of your personality and how the design complements it. Also, keep the shape of your face and nose in mind. While small studs suit almost all types of noses, large cluster settings can overshadow a petite nose. Like earrings, nose pins can be changed according to the occasion. Thus, while small nose pins are ideal for daily wear, larger designs are the perfect accessory for festive occasions and parties. For everyday use, you can also buy lightweight nose pins and nose screws.

    Buy Hearts Nose Pins Online

    At BlueStone we offer a wide range of designs for you to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for a single-stone-studded diamond nose pin or a heart-shaped cluster nose pin, you’re sure to find something you like here. Additionally, you can even choose to customise your nose pin and order one in white gold instead of traditional gold or change the cut and clarity of the stones being used. Customising your nose pin can also help reduce hearts nose pins prices to make a design fit your budget. You could choose to order your nose pin in 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold. Rest assured that this does not affect the overall look of your jewellery.

    Nose pins brighten up a woman’s face and even more so when it is heart-shaped. Buy your heart nose pin today and let you face have that unique sparkle only love can create.

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