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    Gumbaz Collection: Globes of Gold That Inspire Beauty

    Jhumkas have ruled the world of jewellery for a long time. Their graceful curves and elegant designs have won the hearts of many a woman. And it goes without saying that jhumkas have an ethnic charm few other ornaments can match. That’s precisely why Indian women consider these dangling beauties as the go-to ornament when they want to look their traditional best.

    At BlueStone, we have given their traditional design a twist. Simple tweaks with ideas borrowed from architecture lend this genre of earrings an enticing appeal. That’s our Gumbaz collection designs for you. Do some of these designs resemble the rounded dome of the Taj Mahal in India? Or are you reminded of the onion dome of the Kremlin in Russia when you look at this collection? That’s not a coincidence. Our designers have found inspiration from many architectural wonders around the globe. These new designs in Gumbaz collection are a world apart in the beautiful realm of gold jewellery.

    What Has Architecture to Do with Jewellery?

    Our Gumbaz collection is the answer to this question. Architecture has long inspired poets. So much so that you can even say there is poetry in architecture. The beautiful forms of some building are also inspirations for jewellery designs. And domes are classic examples of how architectural elements can inspire jewellery designers. Domes are a part of the ancient architecture, but the modern world continues to admire them. They have a long and beautiful history. They have been a major design feature in a variety of architecture around the globe. They are prominent elements of Persian, Byzantine, Roman, Italian Renaissance, and Islamic design. In this collection of finely crafted jhumkas, you will see the beauty of this architectural element.

    What’s A Dome?

    In its basic, simplest form, a dome is only a semi-spherical, hollow structure. Its basic shape takes many variations to become a versatile design element in the world of art and fashion. Domes have come a long way after their evolution from arches. They were originally adapted to small buildings, including tombs and huts. However, with the developments in design and construction techniques, they became popular elements used for showcasing majestic structures. Today, you can see many cathedrals, governmental buildings, and sports stadia featuring this architectural element. The opulence these domes lend to buildings is incomparable.

    And that where our inspiration comes from! Domes have inspired our ethno-contemporary jhumkis and helped us create our trendy Gumbaz collection online. The Peghra Jhumka is only one of the many jewels we have created for you. These jhumkis feature a classic design. They are made of 18kt yellow gold. They are studded with diamonds and feature little white pearls. These earrings exude an elegance characteristic of the classic combination of diamonds, pearls, and yellow gold.

    Capturing the Beauty of Domes from Around the World

    A number of domed structures around the globe have made their mark in history. They are renowned all over the world for their brilliant architecture and design. Among some of the most famous domes across the world is the United States Capitol in Washington DC. The Capitol’s current cast iron dome is its second after its original timber-framed structure. The Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest stone structures in India. There is hardly anyone in the world who hasn’t admired Florence’s Duomo or cathedral. The dome of the cathedral has become the city’s identity. It continues to be the largest brick dome in the world. Iran’s Lotfollah Mosque features a dome that’s more of a work of art than an architectural element. The colours and motifs on it can leave anyone in awe.

    The designs in this collection will recreate the beauty of these structures for you. Take, for instance, the Pashmina Jhumka. This stunning pair resembles a classic dome with its rounded design. These 18kt yellow gold are your sure bet when you want to look your best at weddings and other special occasions. The sparkling white diamonds and white enamel on them take their beauty to another level. Buy Gumbaz collection designs online at BlueStone to bring home elements of global architecture.

    Lose Yourself to the Traditional Charm 

    The architecture of each of these domes is unique. The details on them differ from each other. These details give them the Islamic, Indian, European, or modern touch that makes them stand out. Just like these monuments, each one of the earrings in our Gumbaz collection is unique.

    Take a look at our Pariswarsh Jhumka. Do you feel as if you are looking at one of those building from the bygone era? You cannot be blamed! These 18kt yellow gold earrings transcend all beauty. These earrings are dangling pieces of gold studded featuring diamonds and pearls. In the Afia Jhumka, our designers have given the classic dome structure a modern twist. This 18kt yellow gold pair has a slightly slanted dome structure from which several chains hang. The sparkling diamonds studded on these earrings add to their beauty. A design where traditional charm and modern appeal meet, we must say!

    Ethnic yet Modern Earrings Designed to Impress

    That’s not all. You can take your overall look from fabulous to amazing when you buy Gumbaz collection designs. The Kontara Jhumka is a bell-shaped beauty made of 18kt yellow gold. They feature multiple white diamonds. The engraved solid gold bells feature a flawless white pearl hanging from them. The Mahzala Jhumka is a pair of 18kt yellow gold earrings that display superior jewellery-making skills. The Shahay Jhumka is a fine work of art. The design carved out of 18kt yellow gold is beyond words. Tiny white diamonds give a touch of glitter to these golden beauties. The Gulnar Jhumka celebrates elegance with its fabulous design. It is made of 18kt yellow gold and features diamonds on its conical silhouette.

    The lovely designs along with the Gumbaz collection price makes a tempting proposition to you—one that you just can’t deny!

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