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    Solitaire Gold Rings

    Say It with Solitaire Gold Rings

    Have you recently asked someone to spend the rest of their life with you with a ring? Or are you planning to do so in the near future? If the answer is yes, then you have become a patron of the regular tradition that began in western countries and has now made its way to India.

    The act of presenting a ring has been an essential ingredient of Indian weddings for many a decade now. Besides the wedding bands, which a wedded man and woman must wear, the engagement also calls for some bling. So what if your parents brought you together, you still have to propose and it is a nerve-wracking process to plan and spend over. For a young, to-be groom, this is a challenging time. What can best convey what is in your heart in all sincerity? Will the ring stand the test of time? Will she love it? These are some of the questions that bother men but there is a simple and foolproof answer to all these questions: solitaire. Go with the greatest! Stress less and take our word for it. Nothing speaks endless love, purity, and innocence of a young bride and groom like the solitaire gold ring.

    The Sparkling History of Solitaire Gold Ring Designs

    A solitaire diamond ring signifies the unconditional and incomparable union of two lovers. From a religious standpoint, it stands for chastity and encourages being pure. Add to the mix gold and you have hands down, a winner. Engagement rings made from solitaire and gold have been in existence since the thirteenth century, research proves. So old fashioned is the notion of presenting a woman with a ring to mark a special milestone in her life, that even the British royal family seems to own quite a few of these gems in their treasure chests!

    Symbolism of Solitaire Gold Ring Designs

    Solitaires are the popular choice amongst new age, newly-engaged couples, and the most sought-after choice is the gold metal band to house it. The gold brings to the table tradition, beauty and femininity. The way the gold band sits against the skin tone of the dusky Indian woman is a perfect balance of beauty and femininity. Gold is also used to design rings for men. Men prefer to go the traditional way too, no surprises there!

    When it comes to its design, the solitaire gold ring is more standard and classic than anything else. Little has changed since it first made an appearance. The simplicity of the solitaire gold ring design has stood the test of time, and so has its worth. A solitaire gold ring is priceless. Few patrons have ventured outside the box with this classic ring design. The solitaire diamond can be a perfect round, a princess cut, pear shaped or even oval for all you care, but prominent it will be. Make a bold statement, loud and clear, with this choice of the solitaire gold ring to mark an important date in your life. And a person too!

    Buy Solitaire Gold Rings Online at BlueStone: The Choice Is Yours

    The Promise of Love Ring by BlueStone is a sight to behold. Just as its name suggests, the design is ever pleasing and romantic. Take a look for yourself online and admire the elegant twist around the diamond to add that touch of difference and glamour to your ring of choice. Go get your hands on that solitaire gold ring today!

    For the audacious, check out the Circular Grace Ring. Dare to be different with this ring made with the finest diamonds and solitaire in a seamless gold band. Ask for our home try-on option before you buy solitaire ring designs from BlueStone, and we will be more than happy to serve you. Your loved one is sure going to understand the depth of your love with this striking gold beauty!

    For something with an edge and spunk, why not go for the Magna Ring? Can there be a better design in the market today? Don’t think so. A preset solitaire diamond sits proudly between two genteel clasps of gold. You are not only letting her know that you respect and cherish her femininity but it is also a nod to her twenty-first century taste. Go for it!

    The solitaire gold ring design is not just for women. Men can take their pick too, from this collection. A great suggestion would be the Vivan Ring. A broad gold block of bands come together with an inset of a diamond. So subtle is the clarity and sparkle of the diamond that it does not overshadow whatever else you have going on. The ideal choice to match your lady’s choice of solitaire gold ring, don’t you think?

    At BlueStone, we have kept our solitaire gold rings’ prices at a highly competitive range. A solitaire ring is indeed priceless, but you can always make it your prized possession with BlueStone’s affordable collection.

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