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    Gold Shiv Pendants

    Embrace the Eternal Sacred Symbols with Gold Shiv Pendants

    The sense of security and protection that comes with keeping sacred religious symbols close to your body is quite unlike wearing any other piece of jewellery. It is especially true when the symbols are associated with Lord Shiva, the epitome of everything powerful and divine. You can keep the deity close to your heart with the myriad gold Shiv pendant designs available at BlueStone. The pendants in our collection are designed to keep you close to divinity. The exquisite patterns on our Shiva pendants are a true reflection of the divine meaning of Lord Shiva's symbols and are made to cast a spell on his devotees.

    Significance of the Divine Symbols

    Although Shiva is the archetypal destroyer amongst the three important denominations as per Hinduism, the destructions are not deemed negative. His constructive destructions are nourishing and positive, and transform energy and life for the well-being of the world. It is believed that he destroys to regenerate and renew, just like a surgeon, a cook, or an artist. He aids the smooth evolution of things from one stage to the next. There are many symbols associated with the deity and each of these symbolise different aspects of his divine being.

    Knowing and understanding the various symbols of Shiva will help you make a wise choice when you buy gold Shiv pendant designs. Amongst his many symbols, the most well-known is the trishul or the trident spear. The three prongs of the trishul represent his fundamental powers of will, action, and knowledge. The trident spear also symbolises his power to eliminate evil and ignorance. It is his weapon of punishment and each of the three spokes signifies the manner in which he punishes evil mongers in the three planes, including physical, subtle, and spiritual.

    One of the other and perhaps the most powerful of all Shiva symbols is the Shivaling, which literally means the deity’s body. In most temples, especially Shiva temples, it is the Shivaling, and rarely his image, that is worshipped as Lord Shiva. Although the Shivaling physically appears as a phallic symbol, it represents the union of the mind and the body spiritually and signifies the supreme lord of the universe. Another popular symbol that is associated with Lord Shiva and often used to design religious jewellery is the damru. It is a small drum in the shape of an hourglass. The thin neck of the damru represents manifest and unmanifest, the two states of existence. To choose any one, or more, from these sacred symbols and keep it close to your heart, buy gold Shiv pendants online at BlueStone.

    Gold Shiv Pendant Designs that Reflect Divinity

    The elegant pieces in our assortment of Shiv pendants exude charm and divinity characteristic of the deity himself. We also offer these exquisite pieces at an attractive gold shiv pendants price to help you combine your love of gold jewellery and your divine aspirations at an affordable price. The Shiva Pendant is crafted in 22kt gold and features a heavenly trishul design accompanied with a damru with Om inscribed on it and three rhodium-plated horizontal ash lines of vibhuti. We have more pendants featuring the trishul, such as the Mahadeva Pendant and the Bhairavi Pendant, both made of 18kt gold and studded with one or more precious gemstones. The Mahadeva Pendant features an inverted trident spear and the auspicious crescent moon, which has got him the name “Chandrasekhara”. It also features a diamond studded above the golden crescent. The centre spoke of the trishul in the Bhairavi Pendant is designed to symbolise Shiva’s third eye and is studded with a diamond. It carries a marquise ruby at its base, which accentuates the gold design of the pendant with its red colour.

    If you want only the damru as your pendant, take a look at the Bholenath Pendant and the Damaru Pendant. Both of them are made of 18kt gold and studded with multiple sparkling diamonds that add to the beauty of the intricately carved damru. The Pushkara Pendant and the Gangadhara Pendant are crafted in the form of Shivaling using 18kt gold and are both studded with stunning white diamonds. You can make any of these pendants yours from the comforts of your home when you shop at BlueStone, your one-stop jewellery destination.

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