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    Nose Ring Nose Pins

    Give Your Face A Facelift With Nose Ring Nose Pins

    How often have you looked at your face in a mirror and wondered how to give it an instant makeover? Well, it’s not as hard you think. All you need is a small trinket. It not only gives you a facelift but also adds to your style quotient.

    Still guessing what that trinket is?

    Yes, we are talking about nose rings. And don’t think they are only for the traditional Indian women. Today, nose rings have become the go-to accessory for women who want to look extremely stylish. They are favoured by many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Lady Gaga, and Scarlet Johansson. And the list goes on and on.

    We, at BlueStone, understand how important this tiny piece of jewellery is. That’s why we bring to you a stylish collection of nose ring nose pins just for you.

    Know the Different Kinds of Nose Ring Nose Pin Designs

    In India, jewellery is more than a fashionable accessory. The type of jewellery you wear speaks of your cultural heritage, marital status, and much more. This is especially true in the case of nose rings. While the shapes, sizes, and motifs of a traditional nose ring may vary from state to state, most of them are crafted in gold. And a nose ring goes by many different names in India.

    You sure know some of them, don’t you?

    A nath or nathni is the most popular Hindi translation for a nose ring. Some of these rings are small in size while others are magnificently oversized, like the ones you see Deepika Padukone wearing in Padmavati or Anushka Shetty in Bahubali.

    The design of a nose ring also varies from state to state. In Punjab, the shikarpuri nath is considered the best nose ring nose pin. This takes the form of a large gold ring that is connected to the hair with a delicate gold chain. Beaded pendants hang from both the ring and the chain. Remember the one Aishwarya Rai wore in Jodha Akbar?

    Simpler Variants of Nose Rings

    In Rajasthan, a nose ring is known as a nathuri and is much simpler than the Punjabi nath. In Maharashtra, women may be seen wearing a guchhedar nath. This nose ring design has a cashew nut shape and features a cluster of pearls and other gemstones. Further south in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, a nose ring is called mookuthi. These are simpler in design and often come studded with diamonds and colourful gemstones.

    And what’s in a name?

    Nose rings look beautiful and absolutely stunning no matter what name you call it with! That’s precisely the reason you should get one from BlueStone.

    Why Do We Wear a Nose Ring?

    In India, a nose ring is not a mere ornament for the nose. For many Hindu women, it is part of the solah shringar, a must-wear trinket in a bride’s jewellery collection. They also choose to wear a nose ring to honour Goddess Parvati, the Goddess of marriage. Thus, it is an important symbol of a woman’s marital status.

    That’s not all!

    According to Ayurveda, the nostril is connected to a woman’s reproductive system. Piercing the nostril is believed to make menstruation less painful and to make childbirth easier. The side you wear a nose ring is also culturally significant. Women in northern Indian states tend to pierce their left nostril while those in the Southern region usually pierce their right nostril.

    So, What Exactly Is A Nose Ring?

    Ever since it became fashionable to wear a nose ornament, its design has evolved. Our collection has three types of it, namely nose screws, nose pins, and nose rings. Nose screws look similar to a stud earring. It has a classic appeal that never goes out of style. Nose pins can be described as a single twisted wire that is sharpened at one end. A decorative head can be seen at the other end. When worn, this is the only part visible.

    A nose ring is different from these two. It looks like a hoop which you wear through your piercing. Of these three designs, many people choose to buy nose ring nose pins online as these are more secure and have a lower risk of falling out or getting caught in clothing.

    Buy Nose Ring Nose Pin Designs for Daily Wear

    You may want something big and bold for your wedding trousseau. But when it comes to everyday wear, the nose ring you choose should be delicate. A large nose ring can not only be distracting but can also interfere with your line of vision.

    And we have the right solution!

    At BlueStone, we offer a wide range of trendy nose ring nose pins online that make a subtle style statement. If you are looking for something simple and elegant, take a look at the Kosara Nose Ring. This nose ring is sized such that it barely skims the nostril. This pure gold piece is elegant and stylish.

    How about some sparkle?

    The Aureole Nose Ring is the perfect design for you. This elegant design features 9 glittering diamonds. Both these nose rings can be worn for regularly at home, in the office and even for parties.

    How to Buy Nose Ring Nose Pins?

    Like earrings and pendants, nose rings are available in a standard size. All you should do is to pick a design that suits your face. We offer a number of new designs in nose ring nose pins to the varying preferences of our customers.

    At BlueStone, we also try to not allow your budget to keep you from owning a beautiful piece of jewellery. So, we allow you to customise your jewellery. For example, our plain gold designs can be made in 22kt, 18kt or 14kt gold. The nose ring nose pin price for each carat value is different, 22k being the highest and 14k being the lowest.

    Similarly, for diamond-studded nose rings, you can pick the colour and clarity most suited to you. Some of our designs are also available for next day delivery in select cities. Now, what more could you ask for?

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