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Below 5000 Earrings: Sport A New Look Every Day

Women love them. Men love them. Even little girls love them. What are we talking about? Earrings, of course! It is hard to find another piece of jewellery as versatile as earrings. They have an indisputable place in your everyday jewellery collection. They spruce up your professional look quite effortlessly. A finely crafted pair adds more bling to your festive look too. They are also great gifts for special occasions.

That’s not all.

Sometimes, a trendy pair of earrings is the only trinket you need to make a unique style statement. That’s why we, at BlueStone, believe every woman should have her collection of earrings for all seasons and occasions. If you are beginning to build your collection, our earrings priced below INR 5000 are a good starting point.

Why Should You Choose Earrings Below 5000?

Can a jewellery lover ever have enough earrings? We doubt it. From little girls and teenage fashionistas to office going women, no one can ever have enough earrings. The only thing that stops people from buying this beautiful trinket is its price. The price of a pair of earrings can start in the double digits for art jewellery and go up to 7 figures if you are looking at solitaires.

Worry not!

We have not only crafted a fantastic collection of earrings for modern buyers but also kept its price as low as INR 5000 or lower. This means that you don’t have to spend a month’s salary on a pair of earrings. It also means that for the amount you usually spend on a pair, you could buy two or more. Our below 5000 earrings designs don’t lack in style or bling, though. The collection offers earrings for children as well as men and women of all ages.

Buy Below 5000 Earrings Online for Little Girls

In India, a girl’s ears are pierced by the time she celebrates her second birthday. For their delicate skin, gold is the best metal for earrings. For infants, hoops are the best choice of earrings but as your little one grows up, she will want earrings that match her tastes. Our below 5000 earrings collection has a number of designs just for young girls.

Wondering what we have in store for your little ones?

It is hard to find kids who don’t like animals. Little girls and boys love everything from puppies and cats to elephants and dinosaurs. That’s precisely why our collection for kids has designs that take inspiration from the animal world. The Kitty Earrings for Kids and the Bumble Bee Earrings for Kids are two of our bestsellers. The Cute Meow Earrings for Kids and the Favourite Dolphin Earrings for Kids are ideal for animal lovers.

We don’t stop there!

The stars above are another popular theme for children’s jewellery. If your little one likes bright colours, take a look at the Star of Joy Earrings for Kids. The red enamelling of this star-shaped piece will add zing to a little girl’s look. One of the downsides of kids’ jewellery is that your kid will outgrow it sooner or later. As kids grow, many pieces in their collection – even the ones they cherished once - become useless.

We have got a solution!

Some of our designs have an all-age appeal. Take, for instance, the Wishing Star Earrings for Kids. This diamond and gold earrings look pretty on your little girl, but she wouldn’t mind them wearing even when she starts going to college.

Bring on the Power of Flowers with Floral Designs

As a child, you may have loved the Kiddie Panda Earrings for Kids but as an adult, you may want something more mature. Like clothes, we outgrow some jewellery. This isn’t because they don’t fit. It’s because the designs no longer suit your personality. However, some themes and motifs are popular with women of all ages. Flowers are a fine case in point. Who doesn’t like flowers, after all!

When you buy below 5000 earrings designs, you can choose floral designs for kids as well as adults. The Floral Joy Earrings for Kids are for young girls while the Mariposa Earrings are something working women would prefer. The Mettina Earrings for Kids are designs that can be worn by children and adults alike. No matter how old you are, the child in your will continue to love flowers. Keep her happy with one of these designs.

Trendy Below 5000 Earrings Online for Men

Many men like flaunting earrings as much as women. One of the key differences between earrings for men and those for women is that men usually wear a single earring while women wear a pair. At BlueStone, we have a stunning collection for the menfolk too.

The Vikrant Earring for Him is one of our new designs in below 5000 earrings for men. Made of 22kt gold, this earring features no diamonds or gemstones and is ideal for men who like to keep things simple. If you want something that sparkles, take a look at the Giltbert Stud for Him and the Ramirus Stud for Him. Both these designs feature a geometric theme that makes them very popular as gifts.

Buy Something As Unique As Birthstone Earrings

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to gift someone a pair of earrings. To make your gift all the more special, pick earrings with their birthstone. Birthstones are said to have originated in Biblical times. Since then, each month has been associated with a specific gemstone. So, how do you choose a gemstone ornament?

Here you go!

For example, garnets are the birthstone for people born in January. If your boyfriend likes flaunting jewellery and is born in January, you could gift him the Ayer Stud for Him. Similarly, the Beau Stud for Him is the perfect birthday gift for a man who celebrates his birthday in November. For a child who celebrates her birthday in November, choose the Angelic Flower Earring for Kids. One of our best below 5000 earrings for women born in June is the Gira Earrings that feature two stunning pearls.

How to Buy Below 5000 Earrings?

Buying jewellery online at BlueStone is easy and reliable. Our Earrings without gemstones are crafted in 22kt gold while those with gemstones are made in 18kt gold. However, you can have your earrings crafted in 14kt gold too, if you would like so. That is, you can choose to have a pair of 22kt earrings made in 18kt or 14 kt. Likewise, a piece in 18kt can be custom-made in 14kt gold. By lowering the carat value, you can also bring down the below 5000 earrings price range to a considerable degree.

Our designs team pays attention to every minute detail so that each design is special and worthy of your attention. Many of our designs like the Classic Pearl Stud for Kids are available with next-day-delivery in select cities. Explore this collection today, breathe life into your earring collection, and sport a new look every day.

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