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Gifts below 5000: Celebrate the Joy of Gifting

It goes without saying that jewellery is one of the best gifts you can give someone. It is beautiful, useful, durable, and above all, is a valuable investment too. Yet, even the most ardent jewellery lovers don’t choose trinkets made of precious metals as gifts. Ever wondered why? The answer is simple – the price factor. Who would want to spend a month’s earnings or more on a gift!

Well, that’s not the case anymore when you have our gifts below 5000 collection. At BlueStone, we understand the joy a piece of jewellery can bring into your life. And that’s precisely why have come up with a stunning range of ornaments under INR 5000. This range of earrings and pendants is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other festive occasions. Each of these designs is breathtakingly beautiful. And they are incredibly affordable too. Explore this collection and make your pick today. 

Gifts for Little Princesses

There is no right age for a girl to receive jewellery as a gift. In India, many girls are given a small piece of jewellery soon after they are born. However, in order to wear jewellery and appreciate it, she must be a little older. For preteens and teenagers, a pendant is the perfect gift. So, if you are looking for gift below 5000 jewellery designs, take a look at our plain gold designs like the Favourite Dolphin Pendant for Kids.

Are you planning to mark an important milestone of your daughter or niece with a little glitter and sparkle? Choose our diamond-studded pendants like the Wishing Star Pendant for Kids. Made of 18kt gold, the pendant features a round cut diamond right in its centre. Some designs like the Flower of Innocence Pendant for Kids and Angelic Flower Pendant for Kids are classic designs that a girl can wear even when she is much older. 

Gorgeous Earrings

Can a woman ever have enough earrings? We doubt it! One of the reasons why earrings are often considered the best gift below 5000 is that – yes, you guessed it right – you don’t have to worry about their size. Think about it, can you choose a ring or a bangle for a woman without knowing her finger size or wrist size? When you buy earrings, you only need to keep the wearer’s face shape in mind.

Are you looking for a gift for a woman with a rectangular or an oval face? The Gira Earrings are your best. They feature a pair of white pearls and it’s hard to go wrong with pearls! Pearls are considered to be the birthstone for women born in the month of June. The Mariposa Earrings are a design that any woman will love. These graceful floral earrings suit both western wear and ethnic wear.

Say It with Flowers

Pendants are also like earrings - they are one-size-fits-all. No need to break your head thinking about sizes! Floral designs are very popular when it comes to trendy gifts below 5000 online. Flowers are the best way to express powerful emotions, so why not choose something in the floral theme? If you are looking for something delicate, take a look at plain gold designs like Preen Petiole Pendant or diamond-studded pieces like the Playful Flora Pendant. You could also consider the Livana Pendant that features a radiant white pearl.

Jewellery that Speaks of Love for the One You Love

Pendants are also a great way to tell a woman how much you love them. When worn on a long chain, the pendant rests quite close to the heart. This is one of the reasons why a pendant became a popular gift for a man to give his partner. The Sweetheart Pendant is our take on the classic heart motif. If you want more than a symbol to declare your love, take a look at the Love for You Pendant. You could also choose designs such as the Heart Yonder Pendant with a pair of entangled hearts. This motif suggests a love that will last forever. 

A key is another popular motif for jewellery that symbolises love. The Paula Pendant is one such design in our gift below 5000 jewellery collection. Made of 18kt rose gold, it features a key and a diamond-studded heart. The romantic hues of rose gold make this piece a perfect pick for your loved ones.

Sparkling Nose Pins

Nose pins are not just a marker of marital status these days. They, on the other hand, have become a symbol of fashion and add to the bling quotient of the modern woman. Still need proof? Take a look at the iconic nose pins worn by Lady Gaga, Scarlet Johansson and the like. If you want to buy gifts below 5000 online which are unique, take a look at our nose pin designs. The Verbena Nose Pin is very popular amongst our new designs in gift below 5000 jewellery. This 18kt gold piece features three sparkling, round cut diamonds which will brighten up a woman’s face instantly.

How to Buy Gift below 5000?

When you buy gift below 5000 jewellery designs it is very important to think of the woman’s personality. Does she like nature and flowers or would she prefer something geometric? Does she like to dress up or does she have a more understated style? Does she like classic designs or would she like to be a trendsetter? At BlueStone, you will be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery for every woman. And our gift below 5000 price range will delight you as much as our designs do.

Many of our designs can be customised based on your preferences. For example, the Jeraldine Pendant can be crafted in gold as seen in the image or get it made in white gold. While the design is a classic one, crafting this pendant in white gold can give it a trendier appeal. Customisation can also help you further reduce the price of a piece of jewellery to make it fit your budget. Most of our designs are made in 18kt or 22kt gold. However, they can be made in 14kt gold.

Next time when you look for a gift for your loved ones, don’t go for dresses, home appliances, chocolates, or flowers. Choose something that sparkles. Choose something that lasts forever. Choose a trinket.

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