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    Below 30000 Earrings to Make You Sparkle and Shine

    It was the year 1922. The New York Times reported that in the 1920s earrings could no longer be considered as an article of jewellery. They, on the other hand, were the article of jewellery. Nothing seems to have changed much since then as far as earrings are concerned. If anything, earrings have become the go-to fashion accessory for the fashionistas and the common girls alike.

    And why not!

    They are the one accessory that can enhance your look dramatically. Earrings can complete your look with élan and light up your face. And when you select your earrings from our trendy below 30000 earrings online collection, you can be sure to stand out rather than fit in. Such is the magic of earrings in general and this collection by BlueStone in particular!

    Earrings: A Single Ornament in Different Styles

    Earrings are an accessory favoured by both men and women. In case of men, studs, hoops, magnetic earrings and clip-on earrings are often the top favourites. The list becomes a bit long in case of women. While hoops and studs are the common favourites, other popular styles for women include danglers, chandeliers, drops, huggies, ear cuffs, threader earrings, and cluster earrings.

    When you want to make a distinct style statement, earrings are something you can’t ignore paying attention to. Our new designs in below 30000 earrings bring to you a host of styles and patterns. Finding the ideal earrings to match your style was never this easy, was it?

    Pick the Right Earrings for the Right Look

    While the right earrings can flatter your features, picking the wrong ones can have just the opposite effect on your look. You need to select earrings that complement your face shape. For instance, for square faces, hoops like Angelyn Earrings work well. If you have a round face, drops like the Ice and Fire Earrings will look stunning on you. Even long dangles like the Entwined Appeal Earrings will suit you fine.

    For a heart-shaped face, earrings that are wide at the bottom will be ideal. For example, tear-drop designs like the Nestled Floralia Earrings will work well with this face shape. The beauty of a long or narrow face is enhanced by studs like Ruon Earrings. Short dangles like the Dione Earrings also flatter a narrow face.

    When it’s the diamond shape face in question, you need to go with huggies like the Vivaciously Designed Earrings. With an oval face, you can be quite experimental in your choice of earrings. That’s because it is a versatile face shape and almost all styles of earrings work well with it. From cluster earrings like Brigit Earrings to threader earrings like the Leaflet Bloom Earrings, you can have fun flaunting a lot of styles.

    Find the Best below 30000 Earrings at BlueStone

    When you want your earrings to be unique and classy at the same time, we have your back. Our below 30000 earring designs are stunning pieces designed for men, women, and kids. Crafted by expert designers, each piece in this collection can be defined as a piece of art. Take a look at our Prima Earrings. It has a five-point star design. What makes this design special is the single string of diamonds that gives the motif a chic look.

    This is a range that celebrates beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship. Crafted in gold, this extensive collection has designs studded with not just sparkling diamonds but colourful gemstones as well. If you want a splash of colours on your ears, an easy solution is to buy below 30000 earring designs from us. Consider our Rajkanya Earrings as an example. The floral motif in this earring comes studded with nine gemstones or navaratnas and is a sight to behold.

    You can also make your pick from white and rose gold designs. The Paired Joy Earrings is one of our many intricately designed white gold items that you will find in this collection. Our rose gold designs are sure to take you by surprise. Check out our Rae Butterfly Earrings to see why we say so. Our designers have artfully created this pair of gorgeous butterflies in rose gold and set them with diamond-studded bodies and wings. Design, variety or price, this range ticks all these boxes and more.

    Shop for Exclusive Styles to Flaunt on Various Occasions

    Fashioned for the diva in you, this range offers you the very best of style and brilliance. Make your pick from our hoops, studs, drops, and other styles. If you want to sport an exclusive look, our mismatch earrings are what you need. Take a look at our Cupid Mismatch Earrings. The sleek design in rose gold is a stunner, to begin with.

    These days, most people prefer to wear lightweight earrings. We have some gorgeous designs under this category. Our Amika Drop Earrings is an example of the same. With a bright peridot at the centre, this flawless design in gold and diamond is an eye-catcher for sure.

    You can even go for religious designs like the Anavil Stud Earrings. When you want to express your religious beliefs in a fashionable way, such earrings can be a great choice. Whether it is a festive occasion or a casual get together or even everyday wear, you can find the choicest of designs in our collection.

    Buy Below 30000 Earrings Online at BlueStone for Men

    Men have been flaunting this trinket since the ancient times and there is no reason they should stop doing so now. In fact, with our affordable below 30000 earrings price tags, men can indulge in some exquisite designs from this range. Our Morde Earring for Him is a case in point. Crafted in yellow gold and diamonds, this is a design that spells class. The Luxe Earring for Him is another beauty from this range. This single diamond and white gold piece redefines sophistication. If you want colours to complete your look, we have designs like the Ayer Stud for Him. This design has a garnet set in yellow gold.

    Choose a Colourful Pair for Your Little Ones

    Gone are the days when the world of fashion was considered an exclusive space for grow-ups. Today, you can find as fashion accessories and jewellery for kids too and quite fashionable at that. The same goes true for earrings. Typically, such earrings have designs or motifs that typically appeal to kids, such as flowers, butterflies, animals, stars, fruits, etc. The below 30000 earrings collection at BlueStone has all these and more for the little fashionistas.

    Take, for instance, the Watermelon Earrings for Kids. Made of 22kt gold, this simple pair is shaped like a sliced piece of watermelon, just as its name suggests. The red and green coloured enamelling of this design is quite attractive. And that’s one of the unique features of our kids’ collection. Instead of gemstones, we have used the enamelling technique to make this range colourful. Even in pieces that feature diamonds or gemstones, we have kept them to a minimum so that these earrings are not too heavy on those little ears. The faithful Doggy Earrings for Kids and the Pretty Butterfly Kids Detachable Huggies are other bestsellers in this collection.

    Trendy Earrings to Look out for in This Season

    When it comes to following latest jewellery trends, the designers at BlueStone are second to none. That’s why this collection includes some of the hottest trends of this season. Here are some of the trends to watch out for this season.

    If you have not noticed it yet, Sui Dhaga earrings have made a big come back. Designed like a thread and needle, such ear threaders are the go-to ornament these days, especially if you are attending parties or other royal galas. This collection includes many exquisite pieces in this design, including the Dewy Pearl Earrings and the Rhythmic Harmony Earrings.

    Ear cuffs and front-back earrings are two other trends catching up in this season. Our Ara Ear Cuffs, studded with a total of 48 diamonds, are trendy and unique in appeal. If you haven’t got a pair of front back earrings yet, now is the time to buy. You can make your pick from our stylish collection which includes the Arveen Front Back Earrings. With great designs and best prices, this is a collection you just can’t miss exploring.

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