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    Below 25,000 Pendants: Be Gorgeous Every Day, All Day

    You have carefully picked the dress, shoes, and handbag. But, are these enough to make you look ten on ten?! Isn’t something missing, something that can add to your bling quotient? When it comes to looking fashionable, details matter the most. Maybe, something glitzy or artsy is what you need. Few things offer such a glamourous appeal to your look better than pendants. Maybe a beautiful pendant is what your outfit for the day misses. Are you wondering whether a small pendant can get noticed? Or, will it simply get overlooked? Not if you pick unique ones, like the best below 25,000 pendants at Bluestone.

    Choose Your Style, Choose Your Twinkle

    Our handpicked pendants are one-of-a-kind accessories. Lightweight, sleek, and modern, pendants add the right accents to your looks. Unlike many other types of jewellery, these can be worn anywhere with élan. With trendy below 25,000 pendants online you will never look over the top. Nevertheless, their dazzle is hard to pass by. Having a unique design, each pendant has its own identity. And they come in different colours of gold too.

    Take, for instance, our plain gold pendants like the Indunn Pendant. Such classy pendants made of 22kt gold are always a favourite with jewellery lovers. Yet, if you want more bling and sparkle, go for our white gold pendants like the Anulya Pendant. Not only is it made of radiant white gold, it also comes with the sparkle of 22 round cut diamond. And don’t you judge it this stylish pendant by the number of its diamonds. It’s more affordable than you think. Again, when looking for a unique and original look, something in rose gold is what you need. Take a look at our Charming Tulip Pendant and you will know what we mean.

    With so many styles to choose from, there is no lack of options. As a plus point, this collection is pocket-friendly. You can get more than one to match your daily style. What’s more? These perfectly crafted pieces will turn every head in your direction. That’s a bonus, for sure!

    Officewear Pendants for a Classy Impact

    When it comes to office jewellery, picking any knickknack won’t do. After all, the office is the place where you dress to impress and also according to certain codes. Anything tacky or heavy can make one look out of the place. At BlueStone, we have a wide variety of officewear pendants to help you out. Designed following the modern aesthetics, they are subtle. Yet, they can fetch you complements unfailingly.

    One good example is the Danya Pendant. This circular white gold pendant has a round-cut diamond encircled by a number of smaller diamonds. Radiant and stunning, it will enhance your professional look several notches ahead. You may also choose something simple and elegant like the Plutus Pendant. A pear shaped pendant, it has a tiny diamond at its bottom end. Also, look at the Lavinia Pendant made of 0.2780 diamonds and 18Kt gold. The glimmer of this diamond-studded teardrop pendant will make your peers stare for sure. Meeting the clients in a posh café or restaurant? The Espira Pendant can match the ambience. Its twirling design is covered in well-cut diamonds. With our below 25,000 pendants price within your reach, you need not worry about the budget.

    Party Pendants for a Majestic Presence

    Parties are the real testing grounds of fashion sense. Winter dinner parties or summer brunches, picking right jewellery is crucial. Make your choice from our updated party pendants collection. They have been curated as per the latest upbeat fashion trends. Hence, they reflect the strength and unconventional persona of women. Such as the Tria Pendant shaped like inverted triangles. Its diamond dappled uppermost triangle makes it a standout choice. You can also buy below 25,000 pendant designs like the Prima Pendant to become the star of any party. One arm of its starry shape is crusted with diamonds. The Fiery Femme Pendant also carries the message of a woman’s power. It resembles the trident in the hands of Goddess Durga and Kali. Their beauty also lies in matching both ethnic and western outfits. Birds and animal pendants are all the rage these days. Stay fashionable with the Imperial Feather Pendant. Colourful and vibrant, it has the shape of twin peacocks.

    Floral Pendants for Magical Grace

    Floral motifs and designs have made a major come back in the fashion arena. Floral jewellery is the latest big trend, from runways and parties to corporate offices and well, everywhere. Get your share of flower power with the floral pendants at BlueStone and buy below 25,000 pendants online like the Themis Pendant or Saksham Pendant. These 22kt plain gold pendants with a blossoming design have a refreshing look.

    Want something eye-widening?

    Give the Jennifer Pendant a try. It looks as lovely as fresh white periwinkles. Along with flowers, foliage designs are also trending. An example of this is the Folia Pendant. Its leaves are made of diamonds and a pear-shaped garnet gives it a lively charm. Roses are indeed timeless. And, so is our Timeless Rose Pendant. The shimmer of diamond lifts it to the next level of glam. A combination of pearl, flora, and fauna, the Avelina Pendant is another fashionable pick. The floral jewellery has always been in vogue and it is here to stay forever. Give your jewellery box that much needed floral touch with one of the many pieces we offer.

    Fusion Pendants for Sophisticated Loveliness

    Designs that celebrate the fusion of age-old and new have always attracted attention. It takes innovation and skills to fuse traditions with modern lifestyle. Our fusion pendants are a great example of this. They combine mythic motifs with modish designs. Take, for example, the Padmalya Pendant, which is shaped as the footprint of goddess Lakshmi. Another one is the Omkareshwara Pendant. Its Om shape is fully covered with diamonds.

    Something so elegant is not just about religious beliefs. It is certainly a fashion statement. Among such below 25,000 pendant designs, there is also the simple yet ornate Infinity Pendant. It is a fine example of thoughtful fusion which combines the good old infinity symbol with the sparkle of diamonds and the contemporary appeal of white gold. You can also opt for something that is remarkably exotic like the Durga Pendant. Only skillful artists could create such perfection with 18Kt gold and diamonds. Check out this collection and find a fusion pendant that best suits you.

    Classic Pendants for Eternal Glamour

    Classics are never out of style. We have a full range of classic pendants just for you. They have a charm which never fades. Teenagers to adults, everyone can sport them. The Gaia pendant with four ruby petals is a bestseller in our classic pendant collection. Something so unique can give your regular wear the glam touch they need.

    The bright and cheerful Bluebell Shine Pendant is another classic piece we offer. Match its emerald leaves and heart shaped blue topaz with your dresses. Speaking of gemstones, pearls are ruling the fashion ramps around the world. You can give the Nerissa Pendant a try. It has a big, round pearl at its centre. Tiny diamonds surround it. It will quickly give you a fashionable makeover.

    Valentine’s Day Pendants for a Loving Glow

    Want to gift your lady love something special on Valentine’s Day? You are at the right place. BlueStone has a collection of Valentine’s Day pendants to make your beloved look lovelier. Our designers have selected these pieces for you. One such example is the Glitzy Love Pendant featuring a gold heart with several glossy diamonds. These heart-shaped designs are popular among lovers. You too can try one like the Veidah Pendant. It has a garnet heart within a glittering diamond one.

    There are also many new designs in below 25,000 pendants. The Wishful Leaves Pendant with a leafy design is both feminine and trendy. Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Why not gift your mother something special? She is the one who loves you unconditionally. The Darling Mom Pendant can be the perfect gift for her.

    Thinking how to buy below 25,000 pendants online? Do it from the comfort of home with the free trial option available at BlueStone.

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