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    Below 25000 Mangalsutras to Celebrate Your Eternal Bond

    The wedding day signifies the beginning of a new chapter in a woman’s life. Obviously, she wants to look her best on her big day. Indian women are known to mark this special day by getting decked up in gorgeous jewellery. Among her many adornments, one particular item stands out as special. It’s her mangalsutra.

    What’s so special about this piece jewellery?

    To begin with, it is symbolic of the everlasting bond between a husband and a wife. For a married Hindu woman, the mangalsutra is much more than a mere piece of gold. And most importantly, she wears it all through her married life. In other words, it becomes an integral part of her everyday jewellery.

    When an ornament carries so much sentimental value, wouldn’t you want it to be an exquisite piece? Our below 25000 mangalsutra designs is a matchless range crafted to celebrate your eternal bond of love. This collection by BlueStone has designs that enable you to be fashionable without ignoring your traditions. 

    Discover the Best below 25000 Mangalsutras for the Diva in You

    Sometimes it’s not easy to strike the right balance between trend and tradition. But you don’t need to get worked up over this. Our trendy below 25000 mangalsutras online collection enables you to be at your stylish best while keeping alive your customs. Each piece in this collection is symbolic of traditional values, yet trendy and stylish at the same time.

    Take a look at our Mayur Mangalsutra. Don’t you think the gorgeous pendant in gold and diamond can go well with both western and traditional attire? Our Rebha Mangalsutra is another popular design from this collection. The chic design in 22k gold has a dual tone look to it. But we believe it’s the contemporary feel of the piece that has earned it many brownie points with our customers.

    When you want to shine bright without being too loud, our Alisha Mangalsutra may be what you need. The pretty design can add to your look in a subtle way. If its fashion on your mind, we have the right pieces to make you smile bright.

    Why Buy below 25000 Mangalsutra Designs from BlueStone?

    The custom of wearing mangalsutra is a longstanding one. Indian Hindu women still attach a lot of value to this custom, but they also want designs that complement their fashion quotient. When you buy below 25000 mangalsutras online from us, you will come across a stunning variety of designs and styles. Crafted with gold and studded with diamonds, our designs are everything that you might want in a mangalsutra.

    Consider our Avanti Mangalsutra as an example. This is a piece where fashion meets tradition. The result is a unique design that spells wonder. When you want to add a touch of tradition to your look, our Nakeya Mangalsutra may be ideal for you. The motif draws inspiration from ethnic patterns. Yet the overall treatment of the design has an undeniable freshness to it. Doesn’t it seem to be the right piece to go with a silk saree?

    This doesn’t mean we are short of designs that can match your trendy style sense. Designs like our Sreenidhi Mangalsutra can be a fashion statement in itself. You can pair up this sleek piece as much with a saree as with a dress. From classic to cool designs, this collection has something for everyone.

    Surrender to the Allure of Diamonds!

    Ah, diamonds! Who can say no to them? Such is their sparkle. Such is their allure. They say diamonds are a woman’s best friends, so it’s only natural that she would want diamonds to be a part of her most precious ornament. Our collection brings to you some of the most gorgeous designs studded with sparkling diamonds. Our Pallavi Mangalsutra is a case in point. This design has a floral motif highlighted with diamonds. Pair it with a mangalsutra chain from our collection and you have, hands down, a winner.

    The Celeste Mangalsutra from this collection is another incredible diamond-studded design we offer. The flawless piece highlights the superior craftsmanship of our workers. The Tanuja Mangalsutra stands out with its simple yet alluring look. If simplicity is your style, this is a design that is made for you. Some of our multi-diamond stunners like the Alisha Mangalsutra come with as many as 42 shining diamonds. What a mega sparkle!

    Go for a New Look Everyday….

    Wouldn’t it be really boring to wear the same ornaments to every place, every day? That is why this collection has designs to make you look pretty and unique on every occasion. You can make your pick from designs meant for officewear, party, everyday wear, vacation, and wedding, among other. You name it and we have it!

    For example, our Drahokam Mangalsutra can be the ideal match for your officewear. Made of 18k gold and diamonds, this design will smarten up your work outfits without being too loud or gaudy. Want an item to flaunt at the upcoming vacation? How about our Ashlesha Mangalsutra? This 22k gold design has a modern look to it. Our Yashodhara Mangalsutra can be a great choice for any special occasion. Based on a floral motif, this is a design that can make you stand out in a crowd.

    Mangalsutra Bracelets for the Fashionista in You

    With the changing times, the mangalsutra is also evolving. Today the emerging trend is to wear the mangalsutra as a wrist ornament. As a result, mangalsutra bracelets are gaining popularity. A celebrity who is leading this trend is Shilpa Shetty and she has been sporting it with unmatched panache. With BlueStone, you can always expect to remain ahead as far as style is concerned.

    Our Holika Bracelet stands as an example of the same. The string of gold and black beads has five rubies circled in gold. The Harmya Bracelet is another beauty from this category. It has a striking pendant designed with gold, diamond and ruby.

    Say It with a Classy Gift

    A mangalsutra is a gift that a groom gives to his bride. Men, if you are looking one to gift your wife, this collection has just the right pieces for you. With our below 25000 mangalsutras price, these are designs that are light on the pocket as well. Take a look at our Aluha Mangalsutra. Don’t you think this shiny piece will enhance her beauty by quite a few notches? If you are looking for an anniversary gift, check out our Rujula Mangalsutra. This is a design based on the heart motif. When you want to convey your love, what can be a better idea than gifting this item?

    New Designs in Our below 25000 Mangalsutra Range

    You know what sets us apart from other jewellers? We keep up with trends. Our jewellery collections are never static. Instead, we keep adding new designs to our display from time to time. It is our passion for innovation that helps us stay ahead in the game. And our mangalsutra collection too has some new and trendy designs.

    The Anusha Mangalsutra proves this point without any doubt. Made of 18kt gold, diamond mangalsutra features one of the most cherished design motifs of all time – the paisley. In the Suchika Mangalsutra, on the other hand, our designers have recreated one of the symbols that date back to antiquity, namely the love knot. There are many such scintillating pieces in this collection. Explore it today to make your pick from our fine designs.

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