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Below 20,000 Pendants: Turn Up in Style for Every Event of Life

Is it the first office party after you joined the job?

Did your crush ask you out on a date?

Your brother’s birthday is it?


Is it the college reunion?

Life is full of special moments. Life gives us many chances to celebrate. And, each such celebration is a chance to deck up. A chance to look your best! But for this, you need some unique trinkets. Trinkets that give your dressing style a refreshing loveliness. And a beautifully crafted pendant does just that. That’s why BlueStone has handpicked a wide collection of below 20000 pendants.

What Makes this Collection Special?

This collection is created just one thing in mind – your unique tastes in jewellery. Each of the trendy below 20000 pendants online is one-of-its-kind. What’s more! There are pendants suitable for every taste. Are you a party animal? You can pick pendants to match your party wears. Does work take up all your time? There are delicate pendants that you can wear to the office. What better way to light up your mood!

Do you know the best part?

The below 20,000 pendants price are within your budget. And this means you can pick one (or even more than one) anytime without worrying about finances. This affordable price range also makes these pendants an ideal gifting option. Whether you are looking for a pendant for your wife, husband, mother, father, siblings, or friends, you will find one that suits their style and preferences. Why wait? Start exploring the collection.

Workwear Pendants to Brighten Up Your Day

You spend 8 to 9 hours or more each day at the office. Whether it is meeting tight deadlines or impressing the clients, nothing is too tough for you. However, you too need something to cheer you up through the thick and thin of working days. Our workwear pendants are just apt for this. Delicate and lightweight, these pendants don’t scream for attention. Yet, they attract plenty of it.

One example is the Kadin Cross Pendant. A cluster of diamonds gently gleams from the centre of its cross shape. And with a pendant like this, you can also keep your faith close to your heart. If you prefer sophisticated charm, then pick the Earthy Tulip Pendant. Made with 18kt rose gold and shaped like a blooming tulip, it is a remarkable specimen of craftsmanship.

Another bestseller of the below 20,000 pendants designs is the Inga Pendant. Shaped like a fully bloomed flower with four petals, eight diamonds shine from its centre. Something like this is sure to bring compliments from the colleagues. For the subtle look suited to official meetings, give the Chelsea Pendant a try. A single 0.1000 Ct diamond studded on it exudes brilliance and panache. Even a single diamond can do wonders, you see!

Party Wear Pendants to Make Heads Turn

What’s the point of a party if you don’t get to dress up? And, dressing up is incomplete without jewellery to match the attire. At BlueStone, we have curated a wide selection of best below 20000 pendants made to match your LBDs and evening gowns. Spread some sparkle with the Areebha Pendant. Its middle layer and top are studded with diamonds to offer a classic chic look. The Aspira Pendant is also a good pick for the party season. The combination of teardrop ruby and shimmery diamonds goes well with black, white and red dresses.

Going to a black tie party? The Thyra Pendant can lend the right amount of glam for such formal events. Is it a special day for you? Don the Matilda Pendant made of diamonds and 18kt rose gold to look every bit the princess that you are. A lovely pearl peeping from its middle is the touch of elegance fit for a royal persona as yours. When you have such a dashing collection at your disposal, why dread dressing up for parties anymore?

Fashion Pendants to Boost Your Style Quotient

You love to look stylish and being fashionable is a lifestyle choice for you. For a ravishing fashionista like you, we have an astounding collection of fashion pendants in stock. The Scintillating Link Pendant is an excellent example. Its sleek, linked design coupled with the shine of diamonds will give your style an elegant touch.

Passionately in love with the colour black? The black, diamond-studded rose gold Camile Pendant can be your ideal styling partner. The cutesy bow at its top gives it a girly sweetness. O turn on your ladylike charm with the Carwyn Pendant. After all, nothing looks more feminine than a dazzling rose gold heart studded with diamonds.

Valentine’s Day Pendants to Make Love Bloom

The designers at BlueStone have handpicked a selection of Valentine’s Day pendants for gifting. Many of these designs feature symbols associated with romantic love, such as the heart motif. Have a look at the Ersilia Pendant for example. Doesn’t its pink tourmaline heart resemble the love you feel?

You may also buy below 20,000 pendant designs like the white gold Olphia Pendant. Bordered by a row of rubies and studded with diamonds this heart-shaped pendant will surely impress your lover. Getting ready for that special V-day dinner date? The Ananti Pendant in the shape of infinity sign and a pearl at its end will prepare you for an evening of romance.

And each piece in our Valentine’s Day collection makes a great gift you can choose for your lover. Whether you two are newly in love or married for 20 years, nothing can match the joy that a thoughtfully chosen gift creates. This Valentine’s Day, choose BlueStone. Create joyful moments. And be in love, eternally!

Floral Pendants of Everlasting Charm

A bunch of fresh flowers can easily enliven your senses. You can make such freshness a part of daily dressing with our floral pendants. For example, buy below 20,000 pendants online like the Astarate Pendant. This 18kt gold pendant has a floral shape made entirely of diamonds. There is also the five-petal Marline Pendant which can easily make you the centre of attraction. The blossoming design of ruby and diamond studded Dipali Pendant is no less effective in drawing admiration.

Alphabet Pendants to Stay Stylishly Yourself

Our Name gives us an identity that we carry through life. Wear your identity in style with our range of alphabet pendants. One grand example is the Liham R Pendant. Studded with diamonds this R shaped pendant has the glamour of a rock star. In its stunning simplicity, the Liham S Pendant is no less eye-catching. We have tastefully created pieces for every letter of the alphabet. If you are looking for the first letter of your name, your lover’s or child’s name, you will surely find one that suits you.

Religious Pendants to Pay Homage to the Divine

Want to wear your beliefs without compromising on style? Choose our stunning religious pendants. Each pendant in our religious collection features symbols, themes, or motifs associated with religion. Stay connected with the divine force by wearing the Paduka pendant. Each of the foot shape inside its floral periphery has a studded ruby.

Another one of our new designs in below 20,000 pendants is the Yagnayaka Pendant. Made of 22Kt gold it is a combination of the Om and Lord Ganesha’s face. There is also the lovely Jesse Cross Pendant made of white gold and diamonds. Wearing such a beautiful piece will make you feel even closer to the divinity within you.

You can also usher in luck and fortune by choosing one of our charming navaratna pendants. Their nine gemstones symbolise the nine ruling planets of the zodiac. Shaped like the flute of Lord Vishnu the Murli Manohar Pendant can be your pick. The subtle Aaditya Nav Pendant is also a spectacular choice.

Don’t worry about how to buy below 20,000 pendants. Make your pick and opt for trial at home only at BlueStone. Viola, you just added a new piece of jewellery to your collection without even stepping out of your house.

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