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Nose Pins

Below 20,000 Nose Pins: Sparkles that Add to Your Beauty

Your dress looks nice. The makeup is also flawless. But, you are still not feeling happy. The outcome of your money and efforts lack something. Has this happened to you? For that ravishing look, an extra dazzle is a must. Highlighters, blushes or bronzers cannot do that. It has to be a piece of unique jewellery. Now, what can it be! A piece of jewellery which can complete your look! You too must be trying to figure out.

Let us help.

How about something tiny, yet sparkling? How about something modern fashionistas are crazy about? Yes, we are talking about a finely crafted nose pin. At BlueStone we have a huge collection of below 20,000 nose pins. Each of these nose pins is a standout piece. Such trendy below 20,000 nose pins online is the right dose of glamour for any occasion.

Traditional or Modern, the Foolproof Way to Look Dazzling

In their simplicity, nose pins have admirable beauty. This small piece of jewellery can magically transform your face. It was once worn as a hallmark of marriage by women. The modern woman has turned it into their styling partner. You can also pick pieces that liven up your regular clothing. With so many lovely below 20,000 nose pin designs, there are plenty of choices. Explore the collection to find the ones you deem perfect.

Take, for instance, the Vervain Nose Screw. Made of 18kt gold, this classic screw has a cluster of seven round cut diamonds arranged like a flower. Now, its design will remind you of the kind of nose ornaments your mother or grandmother wore. Such is its traditional charm. Yet, a piece like this will go extremely well with your modern looks.

Want something a little more stylish?

Give your everyday outfits a refreshing touch with the Phlox Nose Pin. Unlike a nose screw, this piece has a wire-like structure with an ornamental head shaped like a star. A solitary diamond shines from its starry shape. The glitter of the yellow metal together with the sparkle of the diamond makes this piece a showstopper. The superstar in you deserves nothing less than this, right? We have created more such wonders for you. Check out and feel amazed!

The same old is not as appealing for long. Everyday Nose Pins of Unfailing Charm

You love fashion and everything artistic. Your taste has been praised by many. Still, when it comes to everyday fashion, there is something missing. You cannot make time for dressing up with so many chores at hand. Our everyday nose pins are here to help you out. They can make you attractive even without any makeup on.

Take a look at the pristine Hyacinth Nose Screw, for example. A single diamond set in 18kt gold, its lustre will brighten up your face. An everyday nose pin doesn’t have to be devoid of colours. Do you have a love for colours? Then give the Melek Nose Pin a try. Its single ruby has sun-like warmth. Won’t it give your cheeks the rosy glow?

That’s not all!

Strike a difference by donning the Verbena Nose Screw. Its curved lines and diamond gleam create a mystery none can get over. Such charm is hard to ignore or come by. Don’t you think! The best part is that our below 20,000 nose pins price can fit any budget. We even have a stunning range that is priced below INR 5000. Now, you can pick more than one nose pin from the collection for a fresh look every day.

Workwear Nose Pins of Unmatched Elegance

All work and no play is no fun. Make your working hours full of style and glamour with the workwear nose pins from our collection. You can buy below 20,000 nose pin designs that give your persona a glitzy touch.

The Periwinkle Nose Pin is a good example. This white gold nose pin with a blue topaz easily matches basic office wear colours like whites and blacks. You are a focused professional riding the career-ladder like a pro. But, why compromise on your style quotient? Give your workwear a stylish touch with the Peony Nose Pin made of pink sapphire and 18Kt white gold. Wear it to your office and be a shining star in the boardroom!

Hard-work can take its toll. Sometimes you need a little bit of cheering. Wear the Arvi Paisley Nose Pin and keep your spirits up even during the busiest of your work days. A paisley-within-a-paisley design combined with round-cut diamond is all the cheering you need. For those who prefer simple designs, the Delphinium Nose Pin will do the trick. Its princess cut diamond gleams like the beam of a lighthouse. Such loveliness can make even a difficult working day more pleasant.

Special Occasion Nose Pins of Unequalled Grace

Maybe you are planning what dress to wear for the upcoming wedding reception. Or, is your marriage anniversary approaching? The special occasions are times for flaunting your best dress and jewellery. But, everyone else will be dressed in their best as well. Still, want to be the centre of attraction? The special occasion nose pins are for you.

Don’t want to look over the top? We hear you. Try the Primrose Nose Pin with an ethnic design. Made of yellow sapphire and 18Kt gold this nose pin has a regal aura. There is also the Freesia Nose Pin with three diamonds. One of the best below 20,000 nose pins in our collection, it can match any ethnic attire, from saris to lahengas.

Love the gracefulness of single diamonds? The Poppy Nose Pin with a 0.1100 Ct diamond is the right choice for you. The big stone will light up your face, making special occasions more joyous. Our single stone stunners in this collection include the Laurel Nose Pin and the Mimosa Nose Pin, among others.

Party Nose Pins of Unparalleled Elegance

From the choice of clothing to lifestyle preferences, everything about you is unique and original. No wonder your party look will be different than that of others. For a woman of eclectic taste, we have readied a selection of party nose pins.

For example, have a look at the Roos Nose Pin. Shaped like a newly bloomed rose it glows with the warmth of 18Kt rose gold. Isn’t it a classic choice for any party outfit! That little black dress or a floor length gown, our Arum Nose Pin can make any attire more glamourous. You can also buy below 20,000 nose pin designs like the 18kt gold Thistle Nose Pin. A singular amethyst is its focal point that reflects your beauty demurely. So, put one of our party nose pins on and make your next party a memorable one.

Valentine’s Day Nose Pins of Unending Romance

Valentine’s Day is that one special day when you love to deck up exclusively for your lover. What better way to rekindle the romance but a fresh makeover. Our designers have picked some wonderful nose pins just for Valentine’s Day. Wearing a sari for the special Valentine’s Day date? Or, maybe a flowing ethnic maxi dress is your choice of outfit? The Kosara Nose Ring is just the perfect piece to spruce up your look. Made of 18kt gold without any stones or diamonds, this simple yet classy design will go with every kind of outfit and colours.

There is a connection between flowers and romance, right? That’s why, for ages men have gifted their lady love bouquets of flowers. Wear a floral nose pin to stun him on V-day this time. How about the Tender Flora Nose Pin? A pretty diamond twinkles from the middle of its delicate carved floral design. Among the new designs in below 20,000 nose pins, you can also pick the Mafaz Nose Pin. Shaped like a peacock in its plumed splendor, this enameled nose pin will make his jaw drop.

Jewellery Shopping Made Easy

Now, coming to the most important question - how to buy below 20,000 nose pins? The shopping process at BlueStone is simple and hassle-free. Choose the nose pins you like, customise them, if required, and place the order. When you shop with us, you will also get convenient facilities like free worldwide shipping and home trial option.

What’s more?

We run attractive offers on these pieces from time to time. Now, you can buy a piece of gold jewellery for the amount you normally spend on a branded handbag or a party outfit. So, are you ready to choose your twinkle?

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