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    Belleza Collection Jewellery

    Belleza Collection: Illusion Solitaires for the Cost Conscious

    Nothing speaks of romance like a solitaire. If you take a quick look at history, you can see that the connection between love and diamonds started in the mid-1900s. Unlike other trends that come and go, this one has stuck on. Solitaires don’t just stand for romantic love. A finely crafted solitaire ornament enhances the classy look of a woman quite effortlessly. That’s precisely why the sparkle of solitaires never ceases to fascinate women. Boardrooms or runways, they act as the perfect companion for the modern, confident woman.

    We at BlueStone understand how much you want to sport such a sparkle. That’s why we present to you a special collection of ‘solitaire’ jewellery. Each piece in this collection shines as if it contains a solitaire. Yet, none of these pieces contain one. Yes! The Belleza collection is a solitaire illusion range our inspired designers have crafted for you.

    What Makes Our Belleza Collection Unique?

    Technically, a solitaire refers to a piece of jewellery with a single diamond or precious gemstone. However, many people refer to a solitaire as a large gemstone. Large diamonds do sparkle more, but they cost a lot more too. At BlueStone, we believe that nothing should stop a woman from shining like a diva. Our Belleza collection is for those who want to sport the look of a solitaire without spending a fortune.

    How do we achieve this effect? Our designers have used a special design technique to bring about this effect. Many small diamonds are placed closely against each other and this creates the illusion of a single larger diamond. The Stacia Stud Earrings are a classic example of a solitaire illusion setting. It is only when you look closely at the earrings will you notice that it isn’t a single round cut diamond. Our Belleza collection contains not just earrings. A stunning range of pendants and rings is also available at an affordable range.

    Earrings that Will Make a Woman Swoon

    Not all earrings have to be big to be impactful. Even a stud can create quite a statement. This is especially true in the case of solitaire or solitaire look-alike studs. Take a look at the Belita Stud Earrings. Made of 18kt gold, each of these studs features nine diamonds. Together, they create the look and feel of a solitaire.

    Do you want to sport a little more dramatic look? You could buy Belleza collection jewellery designs like the Namya Stud earrings and the Darlene Stud Earrings. Both these designs have an additional circle of diamonds around the central cluster. More diamonds means more sparkle, you see!

    A Pendant to Keep You Close to Her Heart

    Pendants have always been a popular gift. When worn on a short chain, pendants add elegance to a woman’s neck. When worn on a longer chain, they may not always be visible. Yet they remain close to the woman’s heart. This is part of the reason pendants have been considered a romantic gift. The Belita Pendant is one of our bestselling Belleza collection designs. The simplicity of this design is what sets it apart.

    The Stacie Pendant is another classic pendant design. This pendant features a cluster of diamonds in the centre that looks like a single diamond and a number of smaller diamonds encircling this cluster. This is known as a halo setting. The space between the halo and the central cluster of diamonds in the Namya Pendant gives it a more dramatic appeal. Younger women may prefer something with sweeping lines and a more fashionable pattern, like the Darlene Pendant.

    Say It with a Ring!

    Proposal rings and engagement rings are no longer something you see in Hollywood movies. In India, many men are picking a ring to express their love for a woman. Some of our best Belleza collection jewellery pieces are ideal as engagement rings. The Cana Ring and the Aroha Ring are two favourite designs of our customers.

    You could also buy Belleza Collection jewellery online as a birthday or anniversary gift for your spouse. The Darel Ring and the Belita Ring are the perfect gifts for a woman who likes minimalist designs. If you are looking for a cocktail ring, the Lovel Ring and the Shayna Ring are your best picks.

    Set Trends with Rose Gold

    Many of our new designs in Belleza collection are crafted in rose gold. Rose gold is nothing new but has recently become very trendy due to its elegance and subtle glow. Rose gold is also considered symbolic of compassion, warmth, and happiness. Rose gold gets its colour from copper that is alloyed with the pure gold. Like gold, it follows the same carat system and most of our rose gold designs are made in 18kt gold. Many of our popular rose gold designs have a vintage appeal. This includes designs like the Aboli Ring and the Kyla Ring. However, rose gold can also have a modern edge as seen in the Lux Pendant and the Arshika Ring.

    How to Buy Belleza Collection Jewellery?

    In Spanish, the word Belleza means utmost beauty and this collection is exquisite in terms of its beauty. At BlueStone, you can find trendy Belleza Collection jewellery online that suits almost every personality type. This ensures that when you gift jewellery from this collection to a woman, it won’t be kept safe in a locker but will be flaunted. Our designs are priced to fit varying budgets and are ideal gifts for a woman’s birthday, graduation, anniversary etc. These designs sparkle as much as or perhaps more than single solitaires. Even the most artistically designed solitaire jewellery cannot hold a candle to the pieces featured in this illusion solitaire range.

    Guess what? You don’t have to wait for a man to gift you a solitaire either. Get any of these trinkets for yourself at affordable Belleza collection prices. Be your own hero and dazzle like a true queen!

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